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Honeybrook Delights is a collection of my recipes, restaurant finds and foodie tales as I split my time between the UK and Asia.

The dream is to open Honeybrook Delights; a cute little bakery that smells of sugary cupcakes, tea and freshly baked bread with the Beatles and Beach Boys playing in the background and gingham bunting lining the pastel coloured walls.
Busy workers would stop by on their morning commute to pick up a freshly baked croissant and OJ-to-go, the sides would be lined with jars filled up with cookies, marshmallows and smores, yummy mummies would spend their mornings sipping on fresh leaf tea and healthy sugar-free cupcakes, while in the summer evenings Honeybrook Delights transforms in to the place you go to chill as the sun sets with champagne cocktails and electro jazz...

...Until then, this blog is the perfect platform for me to store and share my favourite recipes and never forget them!

I hope you enjoy!

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With recipes being passed down generations, shared in books and thrown around the internet like nobody's business, it's obvious that no recipe can be a complete unique creation.
I add my own twist, try to stamp my own signature on my creations but here are some of the main sources I get my inspiration from:

Jamie Oliver

Over the past decade, this guy has single-handily transformed our approach to food, not just in the UK but throughout the world.
His vast collections of recipes and TV shows have introduced new cuisines into our lives, encouraged eating together and the importance of using fresh ingredients while still creating some great indulging treats and British classics.
He has slowly taken over the food world with everything he touches turning to gold.
I can't recommend his recipe books enough - especially for someone that maybe doesn't cook that much.  What's great about his recipes is that they are easy to adapt, whether it be to your budget or cooking style and that's what is so great about Jamie - he's down to earth and gets what people want.
His restaurants are popping up everywhere too - I literally can't wait for Jamie's Italian to come to Singapore for his chips alone! - and if you're visiting London, Barbecoa has to be on your list of restaurants to visit.
I use Jamie's books and website a lot and you may notice this in the recipes on my site.

GOOP by Gwyneth Paltrow


A slightly different food approach to Jamie, Gwyneth is who I turn to if I'm looking for some goodness in my life.
In the last couple of years she has introduced her lifestyle website, GOOP, which offers everything from how to clean out your wardrobe to healthy party snacks, and the Oscar-winning actress has also turned her hand to writing recipe cookbooks with her latest book, It's All Good, coming out soon (I can't wait!)
At University, Gwyneth's blog posts were something of an inspiration for me - a lifestyle to aim for when I finally started earning. 
This means, unlike Jamie, her stuff isn't always that cheap.  That's not what she's going for and, to be honest, it would only be patronising if it was - I mean, come on, she's one of Hollywood's hottest actresses, she doesn't buy Tesco Value.
Her approach to healthy eating is great and with the juicing and detoxes aside, I love her recipes - especially the photography that she uses.  It's wholesome and fresh and in no way over the top.
Let's face it, she's 40, has two kids and looks better than most 20 year olds - she's gotta be doing something right.

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