Friday, 4 May 2012

Bank Holiday Breakfast Bonanza

Bank Holidays and long weekends mean two things for me -  mega lie-ins and making amazingly delicious breakfasts or, by the time I've got up, more like brunch or a late lunch.

Below are some of my favourite long weekend breakfasts - perfect to share with friends and all taste even better with a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine!

Eggy Bread (French Toast)

The perfect breakfast in bed treat.

Serves 2

3 eggs

Icing sugar
Maple syrup
Chocolate spread

French toast recipe - 01
Image taken by HoneybrookDelights

Whisk the eggs and milk together in a large mixing bowl.  Once well mixed soak one slice of bread in the mixture.  Heat a knob of butter in a frying pan over a low to medium heat.  Once melted, fry the eggy bread on both sides.  Turn the oven on to a low heat and put all slices of eggy bread on a plate to keep warm while you make the rest of the batch.

For those with a sweet tooth, top with icing sugar and maple syrup and serve with strawberries.  Bacon also makes a great topping if you’re looking for something more savoury.

French Toast recipe - 02
Image taken by HoneybrookDelights
Blueberry Pancakes

Pancakes are another favourite of mine to make at weekends and blueberries are SO SO good for you.  They do take a while but are so much fun to make and flip with friends.

Pancake recipe - 01
Image taken by HoneybrookDelights
Chop up a large handful of blueberries and mix in with the pancake mix and then fry and flip.  


I’m not sure if it was due to the freezing cold mornings but this winter I rekindled my love with porridge.   

I prefer porridge thick and creamy - farmhouse style - which is best made yourself rather than with sachets.  

A definite winter warmer to snuggle up in bed with, porridge can also be enjoyed in the spring and summer by adding refreshing citrus juices to the oats, rather than milk.  What’s more, endless studies highlight how great porridge oats are for you especially if you're on a diet or wanting to keep your cholesterol levels down.

Porridge Lady has a great blog for porridge fans like myself with a fantastic range of unique and adventurous serving suggestions and recipes.

My favourite serving suggestions:

Last Christmas I broke up Ferrero Rocher chocolates into small chunks and mixed in with the warm porridge which melted the chocolate and was soooo delicious.  More normal suggestions for sugar lovers include golden syrup, sultanas and honey.

Add a fruity kick by mixing in chopped berries, bananas, apples or pineapple chunks..  

If you're staying away from dairy products use lemon, apple or orange juices as a replacement to milk.  Heat the juice or pulp of one lemon or orange into a pan and slowly add the oats, making sure you get the right juice to oats consistency. The oats will soften and bind just as if they were mixing with milk.  This recipe is zingy and instantly wakes me up in the morning.

The Great British Fried Brekkie

A long weekend usually results in at least one messy night out and what's the perfect cure for the morning after? A huge fry-up! 

This MUST include the works (including hash browns, black pudding, sausages AND bacon) and the meat has to be the best quality, ideally from a local butcher.

Mmmmmmmm - enjoy!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Large Chilli Steak Ciabatta with Rocket and Mustard

Also known as The Beast.
This steak sandwich is the ultimate meat feast with a red hot chilli edge.  It's so filling yet very moreish and juicy - a treat when the boys are round.

Steak sandwich recipe - 01

To serve two people, you will need:

1 red chilli
Olive oil
Two good quality steaks
1 large Ciabatta baton
Wholegrain mustard

Chop up the red chilli (keep the seeds in if you want some extra spice) and leave to one side.

Rub pepper, salt and olive oil over the steaks. 

Steak sandwich recipe - 03

Steak sandwich recipe - 04

 Heat a pan up at a low temperature and add the steaks.  As the steaks are covered in olive oil there's no need to add any extra oil in the pan. Fry each side for longer if you prefer steak well-done.

Steak sandwich recipe - 05

Steak sandwich recipe - 06

Once cooked, place on a chopping board and pour over more olive oil.

Steak sandwich recipe - 07

Then cut the steaks into thick slices

Steak sandwich recipe - 08

While you are cutting up the steak, mix the chilli pieces with the steak juices in the frying pan.

Steak sandwich recipe - 09

Heat the ciabatta baton in the oven for about three minutes.  Cover lightly with olive oil and spread as much mustard as you wish - I add a massive dollop!

Steak sandwich recipe - 10

Then add the steak, chilli and rocket and voila!!!

Steak sandwich recipe - 11

Steak sandwich recipe - 12

Steak sandwich recipe - 13

Steak sandwich recipe - 14

Steak sandwich recipe - 15

Steak sandwich recipe - 16