Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pimientos de Padron are back!

A popular Spanish tapas dish, Piminetos de Padron look simple but these little fellas are jam-packed with flavour and are HIGHLY addictive.  The majority of the peppers are mild and easy to eat but the odd extra spicy one does slip into the packet....

They are now in high season in Spain which means they are finally available to buy over here as well and are stocked in most Waitrose stores.

Pimientos de Padron recipe - 01

Nice and easy to prepare, they only take about ten minutes to fry and are then ready to be served right away.

Pimientos de Padron recipe - 02

After washing the peppers, add them to a frying pan at a medium temperature and cover them in plenty of oil.  Sprinkle over a coating of ground salt as they are frying.  Be careful as the fat will start spitting.

Pimientos de Padron recipe - 03

As the peppers begin to cook they will form blisters on the skin.  Once they have all blistered they are ready to serve!

Pimientos de Padron recipe - 04

Place on some tissue of grease paper to get rid of the excess oil, sprinkle over some rock salt (Mallorca is a famous producer of rock salt that goes perfectly with Piminetos) and, voila, they are ready to enjoy with a bottle of cava!

Pimientos de Padron recipe - 05

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