Friday, 2 November 2012

Bonfire Bangers: Poshdogs and Bubbles

It's that time of year again that I love the most.
Christmas is quickly approaching, the evenings are getting darker and there is always an excuse to warm up around a fire with a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and extra whipped cream.

Bonfire night has always been a favourite of mine.
There's something magical about fireworks night, whether I've been toasting marshmallows on a massive camp fire with the Brownies or just watching next door's fireworks from my bedroom window, there is something that captivates me about the colourful fire dancers as they light up the sky.

My most memorable bonfire nights though have to be the ones spent at home with my family.  The evening always starts off with Mum's hot dogs in one hand and sparklers in the other as we stand back and watch Dad's amateur fire work display - I'm sure he nearly set the garden fence on fire every year!

This year I'm away from home in London so I'm bringing the family tradition here.  Inspired by the latest foodie craze to hit London, I am going to be cooking up some 'Poshdogs' and serving them to friends with some bubbles.

Hotdog recipe - 01
Hotdog recipe - 02

Red Wine
Sauces of your choice

I've added an extra kick to my hot dogs by marinating them in my Pumpkin and Chilli Chutney and cooking them in a little bit of red wine - mixed together, these fill your kitchen with amazing aromas as they cook in the grill.

Chutney recipe - 01

Once cooked, serve up in a hearty baguette and enjoy with a flute of sparkling - who would have thought this old school junk food classic would go so well with Champagne's finest!!

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