Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Spotlight on Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace blog - 01

Last weekend Mama T came up to London and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than wandering around the fantastic rooms at Buckingham Palace followed by a delicious cream tea in the Royal gardens? 

By far the biggest tourist attraction in London (probably even worldwide), Buckingham Palace has played the backdrop to many Olympic events this year with all the major road races passing by this iconic backdrop.

It's not just its size and splendour that attracts tourists from all corners of the world but its aura and mystery leads to much attention and speculation about what life within the palace must be like.

Well luckily for us, Queenie opens the palace gates to the public during the summer months, allowing all our Princess dreams come true - and, trust me, it's simply spectacular!

Buckingham Palace blog - 02

 Buckingham Palace blog - 03
Unfortunately no photographs can be taken inside the palace but we spent the afternoon touring the State Rooms, wandering through the never ending hallways which are lined with some fantastic collections of art and statues and having a sneak peak at some of the Queen's most precious diamonds.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a fan of the Royal Family but the oppulence within the state rooms was beyond belief.  Of course I knew the palace was going to be grand but the gold ceilings, ellabroate decorations and extensive world-famous art collections made me feel as though I was in an Arabian palace and was not what I expected.

By far the highlight of our afternoon at the palace was the vast and beautiful private gardens....

Buckingham Palace blog - 04

Buckingham Palace blog - 04

Buckingham Palace blog - 05

The palace cafe on the garden terrace next to the swimming pool offered the perfect location to spend a sunny afternoon and served up a delicious afternoon tea selection...

Buckingham Palace blog - 06

Buckingham Palace blog - 07

Buckingham Palace blog - 08

Before leaving we went on a stroll and explored the gardens a bit further and came across this hidden lake...

Buckingham Palace blog - 09

Buckingham Palace blog - 10

Buckingham Palace blog - 11

Buckingham Palace blog - 12


Buckingham Palace blog - 13      

A fantastic afternoon that I would put at the top of all to-do lists when visiting London over the summer.

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