Friday, 24 February 2012

Crazy about confectioneries

Ok, I admit, a weird blog post title but I have to confess, I'm utterly obsessed with confectionery jars (and their contents). 

The boyfriend finds this very weird but I love my new kitchen worktops being lined with quaint old farmhouse-style jars.  Infact, it doesn't just stop at confectionery - funky olive oil bottles send me giddy and don't even get me started on unique sweet chilli sauce pots.  Walking around Harrods or even John Lewis' Food Halls is like heaven!

You may assume that I'm some stuffy middle-aged woman but no, I'm not (far from it), and you'd be surprised by how many of my friends have the same obsession.  So below are some of my favourites from mine and friends kitchens and, please, share some of your own - everyone loves a good bit of food porn!

Chutney - 01

I LOVE locally made produce and this is delicious on toast!  Huffkins also make some fantastic hampers which are perfect for Christmas time.

Onion Marmalade - 01

Organically produced in Wiltshire, this treat is sold at the Highgrove Estate (home to HRH Prince Charles).  Produce grown on the estate is sold in a fantastic food shop in nearby Tetbury - I could spend hours here.

Found this little gem at The Gazette, a French cafe and restaurant in Balham, South London, which serves a mean pastry selection for brunch.  

Cottage Delights treats are springing up everywhere.  I was a true fan from the start and love their hot spicy sauce set.

Cottage Delight - 02

And here are the olive oil specials!!

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